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As the economy rises to the surface from the depths of the ugly financial ocean, it can still be difficult for many to find work. Many large corporations are still laying off employees in droves, and many smaller businesses are closing their doors altogether. With continued occupational uncertainty, the unemployed are once again in need of an edge in the job market. Cosmetic surgery surely won’t do anything to boost their resume, but it might be just the thing to boost their chances of getting hired! League City

First, let’s cover the basics. These are some common “hire me” check marks you should definitely cross off before or during the job interview: Plastic Surgery

  • Edit, update and review your resume before tackling the application process. This should include writing a new cover letter outlining your goals for the prospective job. League City
  • Do your interview homework. Researching and learning what you can about a company pre-interview will not only demonstrate initiative and interest, it will prepare you to ask informed questions and, in turn, have relevant answers to their inquiries. Plastic surgry
  • Market yourself well. Anticipate the company’s needs in an employee, and don’t be afraid to showcase your aptitude for the job. Don’t be pushy, be confident. Don’t be phony, be positive and enthusiastic. Smiling is not cliché or overrated. League City
  • Take pride in your appearance. Enough can’t be said for the immediate positive impact of proper hygiene and a neat, professional state of dress. Plastic Surgery
  • Send a follow-up letter or email. A prompt thank-you letter after the interview shows professionalism, and it keeps you present in the interviewer’s mind. League City

Getting the Job Edge with Cosmetic Surgery

So now, you’ve dry cleaned your new interview outfit, your resume is impeccable and impressive, and you’ve killed your laptop battery researching all available information on the company you’ve set your sights on. What else can you do to help your chances? Plastic Surgery

If you’re not completely confident in your appearance, and your figure isn’t what it used to be, plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancement might give you the fresh, youthful edge you need to seal the deal. Although it’s unfortunate that physical attractiveness could have a hand in determining your interview success, a lot of recent studies indicate this is quite possible. League City

Call it shallow, unethical or appalling, it doesn’t hurt to take note of this theory when you’re facing unemployment and your dream job is at stake. According to a study published by the Annals of the New York Academy of Science, the attractiveness of job candidates not only affected their being hired, it sometimes affected the job level they were assigned. Plastic Surgery

It’s sometimes known as the Halo Effect. Whether interviewing a potential employee or sizing up a date, many people are guilty of making a quick and complete judgment of a person based on a singular quality or characteristic. In other words, when we are completely taken with a person’s appearance, we might automatically assume everything else about them is just as spectacular. On top of that, studies indicate many of us associate good looks with developed social skills, competence, good health and even a more virtuous, moral nature. On the whole, looking youthful holds positive associations of vitality and dependability with employers as well. League City

What are my Plastic Surgery Options?

There are many cosmetic surgery procedures that could boost your confidence in the job interview, depending on what features you are looking to enhance or alter. Some effective facial plastic surgery procedures, for looking younger or for personal change, include: Plastic Surgery

  • Blepharoplasty eyelid surgery
  • Rhinoplasty nose surgery
  • Facelift surgery
  • Brow lift surgery

Other possibilities include plastic surgery procedures for the body. In related studies, employers and individuals have associated obesity with laziness, emotional instability and a lack of congeniality. Thus, a more defined figure could bolster your positive impact during the interview, as well as greatly bolster your self-confidence. These body procedures are effective at removing fat, toning the physique, or enhancing the breasts and other areas: League City

  • Breast augmentation surgery
  • Gynecomastia male breast reduction surgery
  • Liposuction surgery
  • Tummy tuck surgery
  • Thigh lift surgery

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